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Ali's Market sells children's apparel, accessories and gifts to specialty stores, boutiques and department stores across the country. Our mission is to provide retailers with unique, eye-catching, sustainable clothing for girls and boys of all ages.  We feature a vast selection of stylish brands/collections from across the globe.  With names like Kickee Pants, Boboli and ESME……………..just to name a few.


Who's Ali?

Opening the doors of Ali's Market in July 2005, owner Allison Moroze brings over 20 years of experience in children's apparel to her own business. With a degree in fashion buying and merchandising from FIT, Ali has experience promoting both domestic and European clothing lines. Under the tutelage of Sheila Weiss, Ali sold impressive brands such as Coccoli, IKKS and Submarine. Over the course of her career in wholesaling, Ali has also worked in retail stores on weekends to understand the needs of her end consumer. She knows the combination of style and quality that Moms want and need in their kids' clothing.


Children's Wear Expertise

At Ali's Market, we cater to the needs of both the manufacturers we represent and the retailers who buy from us. We're committed to satisfying both parties by always offering professionalism, selection and quality. Our goal is to help our retailers find the appropriate quantities of merchandise that will best appeal to their markets.


Come Stop By!

Visitors are welcome to come to our showroom to view garments for the current and next seasons. On our premises, we can give you one-on-one attention and up to the minute information on stock and pricing. Give Ali a call at (212) 695-2300 to set up a time to stop by.

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